Thai and Moroccan Pizza Delight

by on January 30, 2010

Tough Decisions

Thai Moroccan Close Up Thai and Moroccan Pizza Delight

I couldn’t make up my mind this morning.  A few weeks ago at Food Blogger Camp I met Dianne Jacob, co-author of Grilled Pizzas & Piadinas.  We’ve been carrying the book in the store for more than a year.  I’ve leafed through it countless times but had not yet made it a part of my extensive cookbook library.  I’ve tried to stay away from spending money on cookbooks unless I can get them during our bi-annual clearance sales.  Usually a book I want will go through a few markdowns before I pounce on it.  But this was different.  I was straightening up in the book department and Pizzas & Piadinas was sitting on top of the Gift Registry kiosk.  I picked it up and again leafed through, looking at the drool-worthy photos and descriptions.

Grilled Dough Thai and Moroccan Pizza Delight

Before I knew it, the book was paid for and going home with me.  It was the salad pizzas that caught my attention that day.  I was so hungry and knew I had a few hours before I could break for lunch.  The book was a virtual nosh.  I was convinced one of these mouth watering pizzas was going to come out of my oven this week and this morning I made it happen.

Earlier in the week I made a batch of dough and turned out a lackluster pizza.  I was dreaming of the Caesar Salad Pizza from a wood burning pizza joint near work when I lived in New Mexico.  It always sounded like a crazy pizza topping, but it was crazy good.  I’d looked at the Verduran on page 112.  It’s mixed green vegetables with olives and basil.  It also has red onions and tomatoes on it, but but all I had was romaine and I just felt like trying to recreate the Caesar salad pizza.  It was ok, but didn’t knock my socks off.  I liked the salad and should have toasted up some croutons and been done with it.  The gooed news was that I had crust to spare and after being tightly wrapped, into the fridge it went for another day.

Caesar Salad Pizza Thai and Moroccan Pizza Delight

And that day was today.  I took a quick look through the book and could not make up my mind.  But no worries, I had enough dough for at least 2 pies and ingredients for multiple toppings.  The Moroccan and Thai pizzas won me over.  They both use a curry honey sauce and that just flat-out intrigued me.

Thai Moroccan Pizzas11 Thai and Moroccan Pizza Delight

I used a grill pan on the stovetop.  The weather prediction was for moderate winds today and while that sounds benign enough, 14 stories up it’s more like hurricane force winds and I wasn’t about to fight that while out on the balcony flipping pizzas.  I am anxious to try these recipes on the grill, but it’s just going to have to wait a couple of months.

Thai Moroccan Pizzas1 Thai and Moroccan Pizza Delight

It was just dumb luck that the jar of honey was put on the clearance table the other day.  If not I would have used Lyle’s Golden Syrup, but the Tupelo honey had just the right flavor and the silky golden color was perfect  for the curry powder and red pepper flakes.

Red Pepper Flakes Thai and Moroccan Pizza Delight

Building Thai Pizza1 Thai and Moroccan Pizza Delight

Curry Honey Drizzle Thai and Moroccan Pizza Delight

I am in love with the crust recipe.  I made it in the food processor which makes quick work of dough.  This was no exception and as you can see from the photos, it came out nice and thin and crispy.  My most important requirement for pizza crust is crunch and this certainly has that.  You can choose to roll it much thicker, but I always go for as thin as I can comfortably go and have the ability to transfer from make-shift pizza peel (round walnut cutting board with handle) to oven.

Thai Pizza Close Up Thai and Moroccan Pizza Delight

The peanut sauce on the Thai pizza was dreamy.  I whirred the peanut sauce mixture in the food processor and it instantly transformed crunchy peanut butter into creamy, which was called for in the recipe.  It had the right amount of sweet and heat.  Lip smacking good!

Finished Moroccan Pizza Thai and Moroccan Pizza Delight

The combination of roasted garlic and kalamata olives knocked the Moroccan pizza out of the park.  Next time I think I’ll add a dolup of Harissa to give it that ultimate Moroccan finish.  Ooooh!  how about some diced apricots?  Oh yeah!  I see an adaptation in the works.

Adding Pizza Sauce Thai and Moroccan Pizza Delight

The surprise here with the Thai pizza was the addition of chunky tomato-basil sauce.  It was unexpected with the peanut sauce.  Don’t you think?

Peanut Sauce on Cilantro Thai and Moroccan Pizza Delight

Cilantro makes everything Asian sing.  It brings out the flavor in all of the ingredients without being at all overwhelming.

Moroccan Thai Pizzas Thai and Moroccan Pizza Delight

I think I’ll venture into dessert next.  How does a Piadina Rosti sound?  Roasted pears, mascarpone and honey on flat bread!  Oh Lordie!  I’m going to have to pick up some mascarpone on Sunday.  The rest of the ingredients are in my kitchen.  Sure is a good thing I don’t have any mascarpone or I’d be up for the next few hours.  The idea of pears and mascarpone drizzled with some of that Tupelo honey is mind-boggling.   Or … maybe I will use Lyle’s.  It’s so, so, so rich and buttery.  Ok, that’s it!  I’m going to bed now so that I don’t do something horrible like get in the car and drive to Harris Teeter for a container of mascarpone.

Adding Salad Topping Thai and Moroccan Pizza Delight

That would be just so wrong on many levels.  Truth be told, if it were 10º warmer I’d probably be donning my jacket, scarf and mittens right now.  And you … do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of this book.  It’s well worth the money.  I promise!

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TenTenNo Gravatar January 30, 2010 at 5:52 pm

I should win this cookbook so I can give it to my wife. she cant cook her way out of a paper bag.

MeggieNo Gravatar January 31, 2010 at 3:25 am

I should win this cookbook so that tenten doesn't. Well, no, that's mean. Sorry. Try again.

I should win this cookbook because my youngest daughter has a chance of being sent to London

by the Air Force, and I've never thought of trying to cook Brit food before.

And also I can't let tenten get it by default. :-)

S LloydNo Gravatar January 31, 2010 at 11:24 am

Now we talk: finally something different from the zillions of same reworked recipes. Thai and Moroccan pizza works for me, I'll give that a try as soon as time permits. Talk about something moving. refreshingly different. I believe I got that righ there

Fran@frantasticfood.comNo Gravatar January 31, 2010 at 8:50 pm

@ S Lloyd — I’m happy you liked the post and more importantly, the pizzas!

Dianne JacobNo Gravatar January 31, 2010 at 4:25 pm

Hello Fran,

Wow, thanks so much for a thoughtful piece with detailed photos. You have easily mastered the technique of making grilled pizza. Isn't it fun?

I will have to send this post on to chef Craig, who came up with all these recipes.

Yes, dried apricots sound like a great idea on the Moroccan pizza! I love how Craig layers textures and flavors: salty and sweet, buttery and tart, crunchy and smooth.

The roasted pears with honey will blow your mind.

Fran@frantasticfood.No Gravatar February 1, 2010 at 4:59 am

@Dianne, I hope Chef Craig likes what I did. I did something unusual — didn't stray from his recipes. They looked great without my playing with them.

Fran@frantasticfood.No Gravatar February 1, 2010 at 5:05 am

Well @Tenten and @Meggie … there was a 50/50 chance one of you would win. :) And the winner is … MEGGIE! Congratulations Meggie. Please send me your address so I can get the book out this week. Sorry @Tenten, you'll have to stick with Hamburger Helper and Braum's ice cream.

Cheap CigarsNo Gravatar May 9, 2010 at 7:26 am

I love making veggie pizzas for my best friend! She doesn't eat meat and this book looks perfect.. I can't wait to try these recipes!


Fran@frantasticfood.No Gravatar May 9, 2010 at 9:26 pm

@Cheap Cigars … I hope you have as great success with these recupes as I've had. Looking at the photos makes me want to make more this week.

CopyKat RecipesNo Gravatar September 4, 2010 at 5:25 pm

Hmmmm, looking at your pizza, hoping you had a good recipe for pizza dough. Now I am quite hungry looking at your post!

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