On My Spring Break I …

by Fran@frantasticfood.com on May 25, 2011

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Pull up a chair and pour yourself a good cup of coffee.  I want to tell you all about my Spring Break and it’s going to take a bit of time.

First Cup of Coffee 300x232 On My Spring Break I ...I took a trip this past week and while sitting in the airport in Charlotte, North Carolina I realized I’ve had my feet in every state on the Eastern seaboard from Virginia to Florida on this trip.

It started out with travel to Florida to spend time with my parents.  As has been the case each May these past few years, the weather was beautiful during the day and this year we had a natural light show in the skies at night that beat any fireworks display I’ve seen in recent years.

I’ve got a routine when I visit with my folks.  They live on the water — on one side a tributary to the Intracoastal and across the street, the pool and ocean.  After breakfast I head across the street to relax in the sun, read, shoot photos and flop into the pool to cool off and dip my feet in the surf.

Due to recent hurricanes, there’s not a lot of beach left which is sad, but it’s still important to stick my feet in the water and walk along the sand for a little bit.  And then I sprawl out on the lounge chair and lie back, thinking about … well … nothing.


It wasn’t until the last day at the pool that I saw this guy.  He startled me as I was walking back to the house for the evening and I couldn’t resist following him around for a bit.


I was fed well and my favorite South Florida treat was a welcome dinner.  My parents take good care of me, don’t they?

Stone Crab1 1024x764 On My Spring Break I ...

There’s really nothing like a Florida Stone Crab.  With its thick shell and abundant sweet meat, fresh honey mustard and a salad are all that’s needed to make a perfect beach meal.  You can read more about it at ThinRecipes.

After a relaxing few days in Florida I headed to Augusta, South Carolina, just over the border and neighbors with Augusta, Georgia for a visit with Food Blogger friends and a food-filled couple of days.  The four of us met in Mexico in January and not long after made plans to get together again.

Maggie, of Loaded Kitchen, planned a fun and delicious welcome dinner at her home.  I arrived in the early afternoon and we sat at the table chatting the hours away while waiting for Julie, of Mommie Cooks to drive in from her home in North Carolina and Susan, of Swoon my Spoon, who traveled the farthest to fly in from Seattle.

Our Hosts 226x300 On My Spring Break I ...

Maggie and Steve

We were treated to a delicious and abundant home cooked meal and had the pleasure of meeting Maggie’s husband, Steve and Maggie’s alcohol distributor friend who didn’t seem to mind one bit that the three women who invaded Augusta were going to laugh and talk blogs for countless hours.

We chatted about the topics we write about, how we manage our sites, what we want to do with our blogs and mostly about food.  Food in any form.

And that’s where the eating began.  Maggie planned an Augusta Food Crawl for the following day.  Yes — DAY.  Our eating extravaganza began at 1 PM and ended at 10 PM.  Uh huh … EIGHT HOURS of crawling Augusta’s delicious food scene.   We made a stop by Augusta National and made the requisite stop by Magnolia Way.

Shrimp étouffée Close Up 300x226 On My Spring Break I ...

OMG Good Shrimp Étouffée

I’ll let Maggie give you the scrumptious details of our crawl at her blog, but suffice it to say everyone extended the kind of Southern hospitality and kindness you’d expect when in the South.

The warmth of our new friends from Buona Caffe who graciously invited us into their business and their home.  Stumbling upon four women seated at the Rooster’s Beak chowing down on a fabulous taco meal with our cameras in hand shooting the details didn’t scare them away.  And sweet and energetic Kathryn of Southern Scratch made me feel as though this Jersey Girl from Exit 10 is meant to be in the South with her stories and delectable breakfast treats.  

Kathryn 226x300 On My Spring Break I ...


Please, if you ever make your way to Augusta, Georgia, look up these fabulous people and thrill tothe fine coffee that comes out of the Buona Caffe roaster.   and the ambrosial treats that make their way out of the Southern Scratch kitchen.  You’ll be so happy you did.




We began our day with a Cajun seafood tasting menu that satisfied the soul with steamed Shrimp, Crawfish and Oysters before criss-crossing town and eating our fill of drinks and appetizers, upscale tasting menus, tacos and cake so tall we needed a ladder to get to the top.  
Seafood Platter Close Up 300x226 On My Spring Break I ...

Platter of Seafood from The French Market

  Check out MommieCooks for more details.

In all, it was a fabulous couple of days with 3 wonderful women that share a common interest and who I know will be friends for many years to come.

We’re planning to do this again before Maggie packs her bags and heads to England for a few years so be looking for Food Crawl, DC coming to a blog near you.  And yes, it will definitely include the DC Food Truck scene!

Be on the lookout for a BlogHerFood roundup at Thin Recipes this weekend.

P.S.  All of these photos were taken with my iPhone using a variety of photo apps.  Pretty cool, huh?

Check out my “On My Spring Break I …” video here:


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Jane MNo Gravatar May 25, 2011 at 9:32 am

Very nice post! Looks like a good time was had by all!


Fran@frantasticfood.comNo Gravatar May 27, 2011 at 9:30 pm

It was a lot of fun, that’s for sure.


NormaNo Gravatar May 27, 2011 at 2:27 pm

Great trip. If ever in Manhattan give me a shout….


Fran@frantasticfood.comNo Gravatar May 27, 2011 at 9:29 pm

I will be sure to let you know when I get up that way. It shouldn’t be too long.


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